Silvia Camerini is a Pregnancy & Birth Coach, Doula, Law Of Attraction Pratictioner, Oracle cards Creatrix & Intuitive Reader, a Mom, a Radiant Goddess who loves to inspire and empower other Mothers!

Silvia supports expectant women to create the childbirth of their deepest desires and she teaches them how to give birth.

She guides moms to expand their knowledge and self awareness in regards of the whole birthing process, so that they connect to their inner wisdom and birthing abilities achieving amazing results during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond in regards of their self confidence and manifestation of their desires.

She designed “The Pregnancies Queen” as a sacred space for You, Mom, to get support, encouragement, effective tools, inspiration … and much more along the unique journey of Your motherhood.

Silvia wants You to know that You are allowed to connect to Your deepest dreams about Your pregnancy-childbirth-maternity and ASK for support to make them come true!

Here You can find the help You are longing for in order to create Your best birthing & motherwood experience. TPQ helps You to blossom in all Your Feminine Power, Beauty and Vitality along the magick process to get what You want and to become the Woman & Mother You want to be.

TPQ’s approach is based on the belief that every Mother deserves the pregnancy-birth-maternity she longs for, there is no right or wrong way, no a better way than another, but YOUR OWN WAY created as YOU deeply desire.

With a gentle and vibrant presence Silvia stays by Your side, guiding You to deal with the challenging and thrilling times that You can experience along the evolutive path to birth Your baby together with a new, brighter version of YourSelf.

Absence of judgement, unconditional listening, acceptance of Your choices are a few of TPQ’s pillars that You can enjoy while You benefit from Her services.

When You walk with Silvia the transformative path of motherhood and womanhood, You:
• feel a sense of inner peace;
• gain self-confidence and power;
• experience clarity about thoughts, emotions and physical changes related to pregnancy-birth-motherhood;
• connect more deeply with Yourself and Your baby;
• improve the relationships with Your-Self, Your partner, Your birthing team, Your family members … and much, much more!

To deepen the effectiveness of Her support, TPQ uses: astrology, oracles, coaching techniques, chackra’s energy, intuition and Her one of a kind Magick Touch … so that You can have a wider perspective of YourSelf and the situations You are living and find new approaches to deal with them and enjoy creative solutions to them, too!

When she undresses the clothes of Coach&Doula, Silvia loves being a Mama; relaxing by the sea and cooking!

To find out what can give You the biggest breakthrough right now in order to achieve Your dreams and to explore which of Silvia’s services can be a good fit for You: book a complimentary session with her, now!

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