“You become a Mother at the moment of conception
and You remain forever.”

TPQ – Silvia Camerini


TPQ is passionate about Women who are Mothers!

They are the souls She coaches,
the amazing creatures She sees
sparkling and arising in all their magnificence.

This is what TPQ wishes for You, too!

As She witnesses the transformation
She can tell You it’s a one way journey to bliss.

Let’s explore which benefits You can experience with TPQ’s services!

• • •

Who is Your Empowering Coach and what do You get from Her?

She is a professional who works by Your side so that You can:
  1. bring out Your best potential during pregnancy & childbirth;
  2. know & use Your own birthing skills;
  3. discover and reclaim Your Feminine Power;
  4. get support to achieve the goal that You have set for Your pregnancy-delivery-motherhood.

With Your Coach You improve Your wellbeing
during pregnancy, birth and maternity as You

  • clarify who You are, what is important for You and
    what’s happening to Your body-mind-emotions-spirit
    during this transformative time of Your life;
  •  raise Your self-awareness, the knowledge and confidence
    of what You can do during: the nine month waiting, childbirth and after birth
    to be in charge of the whole process.

•  move forward when anything stagnant limits You
during pregnancy and labour.

With Your Coach You experience a relationship
based on mutual respect,
trust and communication.

Because this is a professional relationship, She remains emotionally neutral,
so You can obtain from Her a broader perspective than You might have
how to develop Your own path towards Your goals.

You learn effective tools and techniques and You train Yourself
with them in order to go through the realization of your desired pregnancy-childbirth-motherhood,
besides of making them serene and pleasurable.

Furthermore You receive
focus, wisdom, knowledge, flexibility
together with the intent
to awaken Your values, dreams and beliefs.

In other words
You face Your Inner Divine Power and You use it!

Working with Your Empowering Coach is more effective
than it might get by doing it all by Your own.

The Pregnancies Queen’s services are
unique, personalized and
custom made
on Your story and Your needs.


Are You ready to face Your deepest fears and Your highest dreams, too?

Are You ready to take inspired action according to Your most intimate wishes?

Do You want to evolve into the Woman & Mother You are meant to be,
getting all the fulfillment You deserve and
taking advantage of the magick time of pregnancy?

Let’s celebrate and empower this moment!

Breath deeply and see
the magick path of Your desired birth
right in front of You

shining of a bright yellow light

it’s attracting You
to step into it and enjoy wholly
the “You” You want to be
during Your pregnancy and delivery.

I can see You there walking the way
while You shine of its same bright light,
facing the True Powerful You
the One who is confident and in control of the situation
You merge with the light
becoming a Magick Oneness.

I can see You at the end of the path,
standing proud, happy and peacefully satisfied …
with Your baby in Your arms.

What about You, how does it feel to be there?

All that is possible, You CAN do it!

Gift Yourself with the opportunity
to see, live and enjoy that magick experience.

You can have all the support, motivation and tools
You are looking for Your maternity journey!

• • •

What’s the next step?

Enjoy a complimentary empowering conversation
via Skype with TPQ to explore how to prepare YourSelf
for the pregnancy-birth-maternity of Your dreams!


~ Thank You ~

Looking forward to connecting with You!

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