Who is Your Doula and what do You get  from Her?


A Doula is a trained in childbirth and experienced professional
who provides continuous
physical, emotional and informational support
to the mother
before, during and just after birth.

The word Doula comes from the ancient Greek meaning
“woman who serves“
and we also refer to it as
“mothering the mother“.

When Your Doula is with You, You receive and enjoy:

  • acceptance of who You are and the decisions that You make without judging (She leaves her personal values out of her role, without pressure You into making any choice  because that is what She prefers);

  • emotional and physical support;

  • information about birth options, breastfeeding, labour positioning, stages of birth, services available in Your community, etc …

  • comfort measures during childbirth: breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning;

  • unconditional listening;

  • reinforcement of Your partner‘s role;

  • enhancement of Your own advocacy;

  • Her continuous loving and caring presence (without change of shift).

Please consider that some duties are out of the Doula’s role, such as:

  • act as medical professional;

  • perform clinical tasks (ex. vaginal exams, fetal heart monitoring);

  • give medical advice or diagnose conditions;

  • deliver the baby.

In case of necessity on these topics, You must contact the professionals
You trust
and are involved in Your pregnancy/childbirth.


Studies have shown that when Your Doula attends Your birth:

  • Your labor is shorter with fewer complications;

  • Your baby is healthier and You breastfeed more easily;

  • You are less likely to experience an induced labor;

  • You are less likely to experience a Cesarean Section;

  • You are more likely to experience a Vaginal Birth;

  • You are less likely to use medications for pain relief;

  • You are less likely to have Your newborn admitted to a special care nursery;

  • You are more satisfasfied with Your Childbirth.

… and  Research evidence shows that
from the quality services of a postpartum Doula You can:

  • ease the transition that comes with the addition of Your baby to Your family;

  • improve Your parental satisfaction;

  • reduce the risk of mood disorders.

Did You know that a Doula is a form of Natural Pain Relief ?
Just her presence helps the mother to raise her psychophysical wellbeing!

• • •

How does it feel when You imagine Yourself getting this kind of support?

… to be pampered, listened, accepted no matter what …

When You choose a Doula, You choose to put Yourself at the centre of
whole experience and rite of passage that is becoming a Mother.

Are You ready to be the Leading Actress of this unique story?

• • •

Let’s make our time together sacred!

light a candle
sit down in front of it
look at its light
let it warm You

start feeling all the

that comes from its light

that light
is Your choice

it will be with You
towards all the path
that You’ll walk through
with Me, Your Doula

and it will be there
even when
I’ll be gone from Your side
for years and years to come
for the rest of Your life

it’s a gift
that You get for You now
that You give to Your family
that You will pass to Your children

a precious inheritance

and so it enlights all the World
it spreads sacred vibrations through the Universe
and then it comes back
inside You

and there it stays
and You feel
the fulfillment


• • •

What to do to hire TPQ as Your Doula

 First of all Silvia is honored to be by Your side!

Her services are available worldwide via Skype sessions
for expectant and new moms, during the prenatal and postnatal periods.

In addition to the benefits listed above, You have:

1) the freedom to meet whenever it is most feasible for Your schedule;
2) the privacy to speak from Your home (or wherever You like to sit with Your electronic device);
3) the privilege to get help wherever You are in the World.

TPQ is also at Your disposal for Childbirth!

She can travel and be there for You.
When this is what You desire …
let’s make it happen!

You can enjoy Her services in English or Italian.

• • •

A complimentary discovery conversation with Silvia helps You to:

1) identify which is Your biggest challenge now;
2) clarify which support You need most to overcome it;
3) explore which personalized solution can serve You at the best.


~ Thank You ~

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