Moms who have already given birth satisfactorily share their story with expectant mothers, to give concrete examples that birthing can be pleasurable, fulfilling and empowering.

This series wants to boost Your positive energy and trust in Your Own Inner Feminine Wisdom, during pregnancy and especially when childbirth is approaching.

:: side effects ::
Moms who tell their birthing story experience a therapeutic effect; blockages are released; a sense of serenity pervades them; they start to feel again all the orgasmic vibrations they lived during birth; they are surrounded by an aura of Love!

Mind these episodes, Your wellbeing can drastically increase at the end of them!! 🙂

Positive, encouraging, happy ending stories are NEVER enough!
We human beings need to hear them again and again to remind how marvelous this life is!

You Mom, who are going to give Birth, need to know that when only one woman could enjoy Her Childbirth, You can too!
In a different way, Your own way, but this possibility is available for You, somewhere deep inside Yourself.

“Tell Your Beautiful Birth Story” wants to ignite the magick spark within You, awaken Your Inner Power, so that You are drawn towards Your Best Birth!


Feels like You want to be the next Beautiful StoryTeller Mom?

TPQ is honored to hold a sacred and safe timespace for You so that You can share Your experience and process Your memories (feelings, emotions, thoughts … ) of those unique moments.

To be part of this project please fill in the form below, now!

Thank You for being willing to share an intimate part of Your life!

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