Blanca Vergara

Blanca supports highly educated women – doctors, MBA’s, PhD’s, lawyers – who are full of enthusiasm yet paralyzed by the mountain of expectations on their shoulders: society, employer, partner, parents, etc … to find their own unique path.

She is the author of “Women Work Wonders” and “Never Apply For A Job Again”. She is the founder of “Parenting the Gods”, remarkable internet resource on conscious parenting.
She is also a speaker, a writer, a poet, a painter!

Playing with Her children, cooking and cycling are some of Her favorite spiritual exercises. AND She’s blessed with an expansive intimate partner.

Today Blanca shares with You Her amazing Birhting Experience, in a truly intense and emotional time together!

Watch the video, now!

How would it be to participate to “Tell Your Beautiful Birth Story”project
and be the next Mom to share Your experience and re-empower YourSelf
through Your Birth’s storytelling?

In case this project is calling You, CLICK HERE and apply to join forces with us for the positive birthing campaign, now!

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