Claire Lumley


This birth Story teaches You how You are the birthing mistress of Your delivery
and how keeping YourSelf flexible and open to new circumstances is pivotal
during labor. Mom, You are the one in charge of Your childbirth, therefore
You can make new decisions as it unfolds to be sure You are always aligned
to Your deepest desires.

This is the tale of Claire who delivers her 4th baby.

She plans a home birth and she is able to follow her intuition
and to make conscious choices during her birthing path,
so she ends up having her desired childbirth, even though …

Enjoy the story!


Mom Claire & Baby Ethan by Claire Lumley

I’m going to describe the birth of my 4th baby.
This was my 9th pregnancy; I’d had some trouble conceiving this time around and I’ve had 5 miscarriages over the past 9 years, 2 of the miscarriages happened in the months before I’d conceived this baby.

My baby was due on the 23rd August but was born on the 13th August, It was a little boy and we named him Ethan.

My main concern was to avoid having to give birth at a hospital so I had planned a home birth.  I knew my baby and I were healthy and we were low risk.  I expected to have a quiet, easy home birth preferably at a time when my older children were in bed so I didn’t have to call my Mum to babysit them.

Soon after midday on the 13th August, after a night of strong contractions 15-20 minutes apart, I got out of bed, had a shower, self checked my cervix while I was in there (I was 4-5cm already!) I decided that yes I was definitely in labour.

I told my partner that things were really starting to move along then called Mum and asked her to get my oldest son from school; she got back with him by 2pm.  Contractions were 7 minutes apart by this stage and we sat around for a while figuring out what to do.

By the time my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart I had decided that I needed to be in water and the only place with a bath was the birthing centre so I called my midwife and told her that our plans for a home birth had changed and that we would meet her at the birth centre ASAP.

We realized that I still had some things to pack in my birthing bag and that we didn’t have the baby seat in the car yet and didn’t know where the seat belt extender was for the car seat.  I was racing around trying to find and pack things between contractions every 3 minutes.  I knew we didn’t have long and it was taking forever to leave.

My partner and I managed to pull everything together and got in the car at about 3:30pm.  By this time my contractions were one on top of the other.  Half way up the road I contemplated turning around and going back home but we’d already gone too far we might as well go all the way and the midwife would never have made it to my house in time.  The birth centre was 40 minutes away.

We got to the hospital and I ran through contractions as we made a mad dash through the car park, through the long corridor of the hospital bustling with people, up the lift to the birth centre.

I headed straight for the toilet where I rushed to get my clothes off and my partner helped.  I ran/waddled over to the birthing bath, hopped in, got myself into a comfortable kneeling position, and completely relaxed my body.

As I did my waters broke around me and I breathed a big sigh of relief. Within minutes I pushed my baby’s head out with his hand above his head.  My midwife checked to see if he was tangled in his cord which hurt me more than I could stand. Through intense pain I gasped “Don’t touch, don’t touch!”  She was as quick as she could be and with the next contraction I pushed my baby out.

I tried to catch my baby but my midwife caught him first and handed him to me while he was still under the water.  I pulled my baby up out of the water and held him tight to my chest.  I birthed the placenta 20 minutes later into a bag over the toilet.

It took about half an hour for my baby to figure out how to latch on but once he did he wasn’t letting go for anything!  We went home by 8pm and my kids got to meet their new baby brother.



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