Martina Cordero


Martina has the “perfect” pregnancy and birth.

She prepares herself for her childbirth hiring a Doula, writing her Birth Plan, making sure the people she loves are around her when the moment to give birth comes.
She activates her Intuition.
She listens to her body and she connects with what she wants.
She allows herself to feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time along the process.
She recognizes God and she meets her divinity in her birthing experience.

However after her baby is born she is forced to face her humanity and her resistance to the challenges of Motherhood.

She goes through a hard time to ground herself in the everyday tough routine of caring for a newborn 24/7. She feels scared she can’t handle all this.

She enters a downward spiral into the darkness of herself.
Untill she realizes …

A Beautiful Birth Story that shows You how a new mom can go through the rite of passage to birth an evolved version of herself, emerging stronger, happier and even more divine than she was before the conception of her baby.

Enjoy the whole storytelling from the Protagonists’s voice, Martina Cordero!
Watch the video, now!

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