Pia Barile









This Beautiful Birth Story teaches You that Birthing is indeed a “team work of art”
whose final result is due by the alchemic connection of al the elements involved
with You as the most important of all of them as the Sorceress of Your motherhood.

It’s the Chrismas night and Pia enjoys a ritual with her partner
then they go to bed and they make Love.
Both of them feel different this time …
a few weeks later Pia finds out she is pregnant!

Her pregnancy unfolds with the same magick of the Xmas night,
it’s a beautiful one, the perfect co-creation of all the characters involved:
Pia, her partner, their baby, the midwives …

She meditates; she tunes into her Intuition; she eats healthy food;
she enjoys body massages; she listens to HerSelf;
she practices letting go & trusting; she surrounds her with positive people.

This is her lifestyle and it turns out to be a powerful one!
The Universe responds delivering to Her exactly what and who she needs.
So she ends up experiencing …

Find out how the story unfolds.
Watch the video below, now!

How would it be to participate to “Tell Your Beautiful Birth Story”project
and be the next Mom to share Your experience and re-empower YourSelf
through Your Birth’s storytelling?

In case this project is calling You, CLICK HERE and apply to join forces with us, now!

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