Stephanie Cotton


When Stephanie finds out she is pregnant
her main goal is to fulfill her wish
to have her baby without using needles!
So She starts researching inside and outside HerSelf
to find out which is the kind of Birth that suits
her needs, her personality, her lifestyle.

She keeps the connection
to Her Inner Voice,
her Child and the outer World.

She travels from Europe to America
to discover different approaches to ChildBirth.
The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transition
She goes through
leads her to meet a special mentor and
to step into the perfect place to give Birth to her child.

This experience changes completely
the way she evaluates HerSelf as person,
the way she looks at Life and Universe.
She becomes more Self aware and confident.

Calmness, peacefulness, relaxation,
harmony, magick, emotions, power …
are some of the pivotal words
that emerge from her story.

Stephanie shares Her Beautiful Birth
so that You can trust YourSelf
YOU CAN have Yours, too!

Watch her while she tells her amazing adventure
through the circle of Life, now!

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