To be a Mother during Christmas

Christmas is a season of the year to celebrate Your loves, relationships, affections.

It is a needed period to recharge, slow down, think about who are the most important people in Your life and how You want Your connection with them to be.

A precious time to deepen the bonding with Your child and create a sacred space to pamper the both of You.

It is more than one day only, it is a whole month, dedicated to Your feelings, emotions and above all to reclaim the love for Your-Self and the baby in Your womb!

Wherever You are, whatever You are doing, whatever Your beliefs, habits, traditions … the language of Love is Universal.
It looks beyond religion, culture, ethics … it flies and penetrates everywhere and it has the mighty power to tranform, heal and create a magick turmoil above everything it touches.


Merry Christmas To All the mothers of

Today it is Christmas in the western society, but it is just a Thursday of December somewhere else in the World.
I want to think about all the Mothers in the World, pregnant or new moms, who are going through the most evolutionary time of their life.

You need LOVE to face and walk across this path, to find the courage, the strength, the will.
Because giving Birth is a one way rite of passage and it requires You to be strong, powerful, incredibly amazing.
Yes! … just as YOU are.

To all the Mothers of the World.
Merry Christmas, in the Love Language.

warm wishes,





TPQ – Silvia Camerini