Emptiness after Childbirth

I gave birth on a bright and sunny morning of Spring.
I remember my midwife asking me: “How do You feel?” while, holding my arm, she was accompanying me from the delivery room to the  hospital room where I would have spent the next few days with my newborn …

“Empty” I said.
That was the first word that instinctively came out of me.
I remember an istant of silence and concern at the same time.

I guess she was thinking of this word in a worried way and I was too tired and too happy to say anything else and explain what I truly meant by saying “empty”.

I beared my baby for 40 weeks inside my body and that was a huge experience of mine, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically!!

I liked so much to be pregnant and to have my big bump, I felt completely comfortable with it, that when the moment to let go my baby came I found myself at a decision making point. I had to accept that the time to be outside of my body, arrived for him and I.

So, when I said “empty” that was referred especially to my body.
I felt a physical emptiness, where for so long there was wholeness.
In my womb.

Me & my baby some hours after our Birth.

I was so ecstatic about my birth and for having my baby in my arms that that feeling lasted just for the moment I shared it with my midwife.
After that word my newborn and my new role of mother took over everthing and there was indeed wholeness again.

My days and nights were full of duties, responsabilities, breast-feedings, things to learn about my myself and the new creature I was raising, things to do, things to buy, things to organize … and in the midst of all those activities I always kept the physical contact with my baby.

We slept together, I carried him in the sling, I breastfed him, I massaged him, I pampered him, I kissed him …

What does it mean “feeling empty” for You?
What does this word “empty” reminds You?
How did You feel after Your childbirth?

However, sometimes the emptiness that You can experience after giving birth to Your baby could be different and indeed unique as You are. It can:

• lead You to experience baby blues (mood swings after the deliver of Your child, they can beging within 2/3 days after birth and go away by their own in about two weeks after childbirth) or

• transform itself in a deeper dis-comfort and lead You to postpartum depression (more severe and long-lasting than baby blues) or

• trigger some other kinds of feelings, such as disappointment, anger, sadness … that not necessarily become a form of depression, but that can influence Your relationship with YourSelf in Your new role of Mother, with Your baby, Your Partner, family, friends …

You know how this word “emptiness” resonates within You, when it comes to Your Birthing Experience.
And if You haven’t had the chance to keep attention to it so far, I encourage You to save some moments today to listen to Your Inner Self and to Your body.

Childbirth is a life changing adventure in a Woman’s lifepath.
It changes You. You need support as the changes unfold. You need a space where You feel safe to share what You are going through with the complete freedom to be YourSelf.

I do create this time-space for YOU and I hold it in love and safety.

In fact in my experience as a Woman, Mother and Professional I’ve found out that You, Mama, need this special attention after the Birth of Your baby.

You need it to feel (again or for the first time) THE Protagonist. You need it in order to process all that YOU experienced so that something melts deep inside YourSelf and You emerge renewed; with a new vision on Your motherhood; with new energy and enthusiasm to live Your role at Your best!

This is why I invite You to enjoy “Tell Your Birth Story – Package”, today!

This is a service for those Moms who need to share privately what they went through during their Childbirths and process the feelings, emotions, thoughts, physical sensations … involved, so that they can be reborn with a new perspective of their experience.

Find out more and reserve Your sacred time to “Tell Your Birth Story“.

Because everything starts and evolves within You.

You are the Sorceress.