The power of presence

Often I meet mamas and they ask me: “What do you do?”

I’ve learnt that when I answer:
“I am a pregnancy & birth coach and doula!”
with all my enthusiasm, well …
what I get back is:
“oh, ok”.
Equals: ” W  H  A  T ?!?!?! ”

So I simply say ” I work with pregnant women, I help them to create their desired childbirth and I teach them how to give birth”.
Clear enough to understand my field of expertise and intriguing enough to trigger another question and know more about my services! 😉

However, when I explain more in depth the kind of support that You can get from me and all the benefits that you can enjoy simply by having me by your side from pregnancy to mothehrood, well … again … what I notice is that there still is a lot of lack of information and the core belief that You can manage everything by your own.

Let me tell you, I’ve understood that asking for help is what makes you powerful! Instead of struggling, suffering in silence and most of the time creating negative memories around birthing, being humble enough to admit that You need some help along the journey to become a Mother, IS what can change everything!

Part of my role and mission is to give you more information, more details, to share my knowledge and wisdom with you, so that you open up safely to my world and you let me to embrace you with all your doubts, worries, anxieties … and also with your dreams (yes, also those that you do not dare to express); your achievements, your goals, your highest hopes!

That’s why today I feel it’s time to tell you more about the Doula’s role!
Let’s explore together WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS FIGURE?! 🙂

A Doula is a trained in childbirth and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the Mother before, during and just after birth. The word Doula comes from the ancient Greek meaning “woman who serves“and we also refer to it as “mothering the mother“.

She accepts who You are and the decisions that You make without judging; she provides comfort measures during childbirth (breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning); she reinforces your partner’s role; she doesn’t change shift … and so much more!

When Your Doula attends Your birth Your birthing path is shorter with fewer complications; Your baby is healthier and You breastfeed more easily; You are more likely to have a vaginal birth; You are more satisfasfied with Your Childbirth … and much more

Did You know that a Doula is a Natural Wellbeing trigger?!

Just her presence helps the Mother to raise her psychophysical wellbeing, to keep herself positive, to smile to the magnificence of her pregnancy & birth … and much much more!
Yes, this is the Doula’s power of presence!

To help You understand better how transformative it can be for you the choice to hire Your Doula,  I prepared the ebook  Doula’s Touch, that will guide you through the supportive dimension where what you desire for your pregnancy-birth-motherhood is possible. You are just a click away from it, click the image below to get it today!


Have a pampered week, dear Mom!


TPQ – Silvia Camerini
Your Pregnancy & Birth Coach and Doula
Create Your Desired Childbirth!