When the Wind blows

Welcome to the new oracles for the week ahead from February 22nd to February 28th, 2016!

You have the blessing of the Full Moon to start the week, so get ready to receive a sparkling hint in the form of news, a person, a circumstance … that will reveal itself to You.

It may be You baby appearing in Your life!
If You are pregnant right now it can be Your childbirth, a great chance for Your birth dance to begin. Otherwise  You may fin out that  YOU ARE pregnant!

Anyway it’s all about The Wind!

You can see Your desired destination from where You are but, before to get there You need to double check one last thing …

At the end a sense of relief; the feeling of flying high; the perception of the new beginning … is what awaits You. Find out how they will fill Your maternity & life this week.
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I love to get Your feedback!
What does this reading mean for You? Which special hint have You found in it?
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~ have a blessed & shining motherly week ~

much love


TPQ – Silvia Camerini