How to blissfully deal with mercury retrograde during your pregnancy


“Mercury Retrograde is coming”!
“Mercury Retrograde is coming”!

Relax and keep on reading … 😉

Hi Mom!

You are one week away from Mercury Retrograde,
how are You going to manage this time of “unexpected cosmic circumstances”?!
… You should have already started to experience the first “retrograde situations” …

Well, what is Mercury Retrograde?  You may ask.
How can I take advantage of this period of time
to enjoy my pregnancy even more and
to prepare myself for my desired childbirth even better?

I recorded a video for You on this interesting topic,
as I know that many of You feel uncomfortable
when You hear “Mercury Retrograde is coming” and
on the other hand many other of You are unaware of what this means!

Here at the Queendom we are tuned into the Earth & Universe’s motions!
I use them to help You awaken Your Feminine Wisdom;
increase Your Inner Power and find more Peace
as You know what is going on around You,
so You can understand better what is going on INSIDE You.

When we say “WE ARE ALL ONE” this is what we mean.
You Mom and I plus all the people, plants, animal, stars, planets, etc … etc …
are part of this Universe,
so we affect each other in subtle (yet very powerful) ways.
The more You keep attention to them,
the more Your ability to perceive people, events, relationships …
widens and deepens and You truly become a mistress of Your own Life!

Here You are co-creating Your desired childbirth and
You are learning how to give birth
so that it can be an amazing experience!
That’s way today I guide You through the Bliss of Mercury Retrograde!
There are opportunities everywhere to manifest Your wishes
and mold Your reality the way You long for. With Love.

Mercury Retro is one of them, this is the great opportunity
to add balance to your life; to set up your baby’s nest; to recharge …
and much more!
What are You going to do with it?

Watch the video “The Bliss of Mercury Retrograde” to find out
what it means and how to deal with it to get the most out of it
plus proceed along your pregnancy with more energy, more clarity, more joy!
Play the video below, now!

As usual I am very glad to receive Your comments!

Have You already started to feel Mercury Retrograde? How is it affecting Your pregnancy and Your mood? How do You find the invitations that I shared with You in the video to improve Your pregnancy during this planetary phase?

Write Your comment below or join the discussion in my FB Fan Page!

To your Bliss-Full Pregnancy! 😉

To Co-Create Your desired childbirth and find out how to give birth in a simple, fulfilling, enjoyable way, contact me today!

Love Light & Wisdom xo


TPQ – Silvia Camerini
Your Pregnancy & Birth Coach and Doula