Sex Pleasure Orgasm Telesummit


Welcome to Sex Pleasure Orgasm Telesummit!

The free online event organized by The Pregnancies Queen – Silvia Camerini
for pregnant women and new moms
live from October 26th to Otober 30th, 2015.

You are going to enjoy 5 days dedicated to
Sex Pleasure Orgasm
so that You can re-ignite the relationship
with YourSelf and Your partner
especially during pregnancy and after chilbirth!

Each day You will receive the audio interview
with one expert in sexuality filled with
powerful tools, tips, wisdom … and much more!

Everyday You can also enjoy one hour *live* Q&A
with the guest of the day in the secret facebook group,
so that You can ask Your questions and
share Your experiences with other mothers.

Here is the sensuous team of Sex Pleasure Orgasm Telesummit:

To enjoy all the amazing tips and insights
that come from the interviews with our experts,

Pregnancy and Parenthood are enchanting yet challenging times of Your life,
so many are the quick changes You go through.
So often You forget about Your Sexuality
as You are very focused on Your role of Mother.

SPOT wants to encourage You to live
a fulfilling sex life as it holds a mighty Energy
that can help You to be well and thrive
in many other areas of Your life!

With SPOT You will:

  • bring back Your attention on You and the relationship with Your partner
  • get effective tips to enjoy Your sex life when You are a mom
  • receive free tools to boost Your sexuality
  • deepen Your knowledge about sexuality with experts in this field
  • be supported and inspired by the words of wisdom we share with You

… and much more!

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TPQ is looking forward to enjoy this voluptuous journey with You!
So excited to see You there! xoxo