Happy Beltane!


So the Wheel of the Year is clicking again, turning into a time of abundance, to celebrate fertility and the fire of the sacred union that creates life.

You are half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. You are entering the season of light and fire, the time to show Your Self to the World; to take the clothes off Your skin and unveil the winter mask that You carried so far. It’s time to proudly show Your pregnant belly!

This season has indeed vibrant aspects to explore.

Now it’s no more about Your feminine and masculine side that meet, balance and melt together in a harmonious union.

Now it is You as powerful feminine energy and Your partner as strong male energy that encounter together magickally to burn the fire of passion; intense love; sexual attraction.

Shall You be shy in front of this mighty power?
Well, think for a moment … You come from such cosmic magick, the baby in Your womb has been created by this potent energy.

If You close Your eyes and connect for a few deep moments to this warm, fertile, earthly energy You can easily acknowledge that this is the time for an exhilarating celebration!


a picture I took during an exploration in Nature

April has been blessed with sacred waters (rains) so now Mother Earth is extremely fertile and trembling with desireĀ  to receive the seeds of the new life. She is passionate, she feels sexy, she only wish to fulfill her duty to be abundant and give her juicy fruits to the World, so that anyone can enjoy them! So You are!

Embody this abundance and make it Yours in anything that You do. Go outside for a walk in Nature. Would You count the leaves of the trees? Would You count the blades of grass? Would You count the flowers of the fields? Uncountable sprouts of happiness!

This is the abundance of Mother Earth. This is the abundance that dwells inside You, magickal being made of uncountable sparks of divine light! The same miraculous abundance is growing in Your fertile womb, forming another human being.

There’s a time to celebrate and honor all this.
This is the season in the Northern Hemisphere that starts on May 1st.
Thank You for the Men and thank you for the Women.
Thank you for the alchemy between them that can multiply life!

May You connect to the fire of this rebirth and enjoy the most sacred and abundant sex!
Sex is pure Life force! Your pregnancy was born from an act of sex, honor it as the most delicious pleasure.

Happy Beltane, Mom!

passionate blessings upon You


TPQ – Silvia Camerini