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This is THE service for those Moms who need to share privately what they went through during their Childbirths and process the feelings, emotions, thoughts … involved, so that they can be reborn with a new perspective of their experience.

TPQ had the honor to witness many birth tales, to find out that they hold a healing power for the Mother!

• You become (again) the Protagonist of that pivotal event, when after childbirth the attention is on Your newborn;

• You have the opportunity to process the memories (emotions, feelings, thoughts …) of that day;

• You feel re-freshed, re-generated, lighter and You approach Your motherhood with a new perspective;

• it’s like something melts deep inside YourSelf making You feel free to be the Mother & Woman You want to be.

Tell Your Birth Story” is a package that offers You a unique and sacred time-space to Tell Your Birthing Experience, whatever it was: beautiful, traumatic, satisfactory, unpleasant, empowering, disappointing …

You know how it was for You, the way You felt.
You know when this Package is The One for You.
Your chance to be born again through Your Childbirth!

When You choose this service, You get:
• unconditional listening
• absence of judgement
• acceptance of Your emotions, feelings, thoughts, choices
• emotional support
… and much more!

Telll Your Birth Story” Package includes:
• one hour online session to tell & process Your story;
• Your “BirthSong” audio (Your narrator voice + soundtrack)*
• the script of Your story written by TPQ with an Intuitive technique developed by her. This is the storytelling of Your Childbirth enriched with inspirational images, special quotes highlighted and TPQ’s personal notes and words of wisdom  for You.*

* You receive audio& script within one week from Your sacred call.

The call is healing and renewing for You.
The audio and the script are an extraordinary gift for You &  Your family now and in the years to come!

:: please note ::
Write a short message at the end of transaction with:
• You Time Zone
So that You will receive a replay to arrange Your Skype call.

Alternatively send an email with Your Time Zone to:

Get Your Package, NOW!

TPQ is looking forward to seeing You Reborn!