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DoulasTouch_coverWho is a Doula? What does she do for You, Mom? Which benefits can You enjoy from her? … TPQ answers to these and other questions about the ancient & modern role of the Doula!

She deepens the maternity support’s topic from her own unique perspective, so that you can truly know how this figure is pivotal for your best pregnancy-birth-motherhood.

Doula’s Touch is Your guide into the Doula’s World, filled with inspirational images and words of wisdom by TPQ – Silvia Camerini.

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The easy template to keep handy to remind you during pregnancy what you can do to walk the path towards your desired childbirth.

Following and practicing the doable 10 steps you:
• feel more confident about your upcoming birth;
• focus on what You intimately desire;
• avoid negative energy, doubts, worries that others may bring up to detour you from Your goals … and much more!

Start today to create your best birth!
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