What Moms say about TPQ!

I happen to have experienced Silvia’s beautiful service of hearing a mother’s birth story
and it is truly beautiful to be heard and reflected back in a loving way.
I loved our meetings!
Silvia has such a wonderful ability to hold the space,
and that really encouraged things that wanted to come out, to come out.
It was a very interesting, heart-opening process.



It was an honor to work with Silvia and
being part of “Tell Your Beautiful Birth Story” project
has been a dream come true.
With so much negativity surrounding birth,
it is a breath of fresh air to have other women
who are working towards creating
a positive message about childbirth.
Silvia is doing an empowering work to help
other women in their pregnancy and birth journeys.


The path I walked with Silvia’s support changed me.
I can finally perceive myself as a Mother. The relationship with my son improved.
Now I like when he searches for me, while before the path he bothered me.

Session after session I regained my sensitivity towards people, too.
In fact after my childbirth I found myself in the darkness
and I felt nothing for those around me.
Now, I am happy because I’ve rediscovered my Inner Light ,
the one I was looking for at the beginning of the path and the one I needed.
When I started to work with TPQ I was a totally unripe fruit,
while now I feel like one that is ripening.
So, this is a great step forward for me even though
I think I need to work more on my role as Woman.
So I decided to deepen my inner exploration with Silvia’s help
and to step into the next level path,
that is the right one for me at this point of my personal evolution.


You are a delight to work with, Silvia!
Thank you so much for all the love, I love working with You!